Long Tail Pro – How Long Tail Keywords Are Important

We all understand that in the online business, content is king! But this, of course, does not refer to popular content. Most people are familiar with generic or key phrases that usually consist of one or two keywords. But did you know that your website or blog can benefit significantly from long tail keywords?

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords was first introduced by Chris Anderson in his article published in Wired, which he subsequently discussed extensively in a book and on his blog. Long tail keywords are used to describe niche marketing and how it applies to the Internet.


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Traditionally, books, movies and consumer products are designed to create a “hit” or something that will become very popular. However, with the availability of the Internet, people can now look up and look not only traditional products but also the least popular. It is recognized that there is indeed a market and demand for dark current and unique products, especially because geography is no longer a problem with the availability of online shopping.

How Long Tail Keywords Apply to Search Engine Optimization?

If you have a company that relies gradually on people to find your website through search engines, like most online businesses, the use of such keywords provides a strategic approach. Instead of focusing on finding your website on top of the most popular search results, long tail keywords allow you to rank highly targeted specific niche markets.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

For example, if you are offering car repairing services, instead of targeting the keyword “car repair”, which has thousands of competitors, you can work on the long tail, like “Dallas car repairing service”, which specifically targets to its market, that is, if you are offering your services in Dallas, Texas.

With these keywords, you enter a niche with less competition, but provides space for your website to rank and generate profits generated traffic. This approach can significantly benefit anyone with an online presence. Even bloggers have been known to use this as part of its strategy of content creation.


Advantages of long tail keywords

If the short-tailed keywords are something that a person will enter when they are just starting a search, long tail keywords are phrases that people use when they come closer to making a final decision. The increase in conversion rates helps offset the decline in Internet traffic.

Most companies do not use these keywords when they are creating their websites or when developing their AdWords campaigns. So an additional benefit to the long tail keywords is that your company will not have much competition. This serves you reach a higher search engine rank with less effort, lower CPC for the ad and increase the relevance of their campaigns, which can impact the quality.

When doing keyword research, search for specific long tail keywords, and be sure to focus your search based on your specific needs and what is relevant to your site. You are done. Remember, it’s not just about traffic generation, but the generation of relevant traffic in the hope of increasing conversions.

Long Tail Pro Review – Find The Long Tail Keywords In Seconds

Keyword Research with an Expert Keyword Research Tool – Long Tail Pro

Integration of business and technology has broadened the scope for businesses and eliminated geographical barriers in their customer base. With more and more businesses going online each day, there is intense competition in the digital world. To save in the market, businesses need to focus on improving their visibility online, and this objective cannot be achieved without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Several factors influence search engine rankings of a website, but one of the most critical factors is the keyword. Long Tail Pro Keywords help search engine figure out what a page is about and how that page is useful for the readers. Thus, keyword research and choice needs to be done carefully as it can make or break your chances of being discovered for relevant keywords.

Keywords have been an integral part of SEO, and there are several types of keywords. Over the last few decade, there has been an endless discussion on long tail keywords and their benefit to SEO. Today, several seasoned professionals and expert marketers believe long tail keywords found using tools like a long tail pro are a smart choice. Anyone who has worked closely with long tail keywords is completely aware of their superior powers and understands its vitality to compete online.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Pro Review

As the name suggests, long tail keywords are longer and consist of specific keyword phrases. In general, long tail keywords consist of 3 or 4 keyword phrases that are very specific to your product or service. These keywords have a better chance of ranking as users tend to use a search engine to find on exactly what type of product they want. Though initially marketers have been counter-intuitive over long tail keywords, now these have become highly valuable for businesses. By using a long tail pro to discover and review keywords, businesses can find specific search phrases for their product. By targeting these keywords, businesses can achieve top rankings for keywords in a niche market.

For example, if you are a business selling sports shoes in Los Angeles, you may target sports shoes as your primary keyword. Though the local searches and amount of traffic for this keyword will be very high, the competition for this keyword will also be acute. Instead, you can focus on relevant long tail keywords like running sports shoes for sale, discount deals on sports shoes, best sports shoes store in Los Angeles and more. With low competition, these keywords make it easy to rank in search engine results and improve traffic to the website. Also, the probability of very specific searches converting to sales is higher.

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords:

Choosing long tail keywords for your business using tools like Long Tail Pro is a smart decision. Here are few benefits of long tail keywords:
1. It is easier to achieve search engine rankings for long tail keywords in comparison to generic keywords.
2. When keyword phrases are highly accurate, they easily relate to the users and likelihood of conversion is higher.
3. You can easily create a combination of long tail keywords for different pages of your website. Thus, every page of your site will have unique keywords and meta tags, and this in turn will improve their performance in search engines.

How to Use Tools for Long Tail Keyword Research?

The success of a long tail keyword will mainly depend on the choice of phrases used to make that keyword. You can research for long tail keywords in free and premium tools available online. Though there is a variety of online keyword research tools available, not all of them give satisfactory results. In fact, several tools are known to provide incomplete, inaccurate long tail keywords that do not have much value. If you are looking for a reliable long tail keyword research tool, go for Long Tail Pro. Long Tail Pro has already helped several businesses in identifying precise long tail keywords for their business, and their success are visible the reviews posted by their clients.

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is powerful and unique keyword research tool optimum for businesses looking forward to Internet or content marketing. Created by Spencer Haws, this tool saves not only hours but also hard work. The creator of this tool used his experience with other keyword research tools and their limitations to develop a product that bridges this gap. Termed as Long Tail Pro, this keyword research tool fittingly serves its purpose of discovering keywords. It is complete keyword research and competitor analysis software and can capture thousands of keywords within few seconds.

With the discount and attractive pricing plans, Long Tail Pro allows users to get the best value for money they are investing in the product. If you are new to keyword research or wish to analyze Long Tail Pro, you can also sign up for a 10-day free trial and then go for the premium version.

Features of Long Tail Pro

Effective at delivering optimum results, here are few features of Long Tail Pro that will encourage you to opt for this powerful tool:
1. Allows to search multiple seed keywords at once
2. Allows competitor analysis for top 10 results in Google Search
3. Pre-filters keywords to improve relevancy and control over search results
4. Generates around 800 results for every seed keyword
5. Allows users to save their favorite keywords for reference later

Long Tail Pro Review

Premium plan of Long Tail Pro Platinum offers bonuses in the form of additional features. It includes premium features like calculation of keyword competitiveness, importing keyword lists and more.

Long Tail Pro has been serving customers since 2011 and has gained ranking among the top keyword research and competitor analysis software. The system operates step-by-step and can be easily understood by users.
No matter which niche your business is working in, Long Tail Pro will help you find profitable keywords for search engine rankings. Even If, you are a business owner or Internet marketer, social media manager or paid marketer, Long

Tail Pro is just the right keyword research tool for you. Generate hundreds of long tail keywords for your business and identify the best keywords for your business with Long Tail Pro!